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About Double Brushed Polyester

A soft, fuzzy texture on both sides, incredible drape, wrinkle-resistant and comfortable fabric. 
If you have not already tried sewing with double brushed polyester, then I give it a try!

Double brushed polyester (also known as DBP) is a type of jersey knit fabric that has a soft, suede-like texture on both sides, achieved through brushing. The fabric has a buttery feel that is delightful to the touch. 


FIBER CONTENT: Double brushed polyester is typically made of a blend of polyester and spandex, with a spandex content of 3-8%.

EXCELLENT DRAPE: Double brushed polyester is ideal for creating loose, flowy tops and dresses.

GREAT FOR ALL TYPES OF PROJECTS: Double brushed polyester is an incredibly versatile fabric that can be used for a wide variety of knit sewing projects. It is suitable for leggings, t-shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, scrunchies, headbands, loungewear, cardigans, and lightweight sweaters.

4-WAY STRETCH: Thanks to its spandex content, the fabric has excellent recovery and a great 4-way stretch, ranging from 25% to 100%+ depending on the exact type. This means that it won't lose its shape or stretch out over time, even with extended wear.

RIGHT VS. WRONG SIDE OF FABRIC: The fabric is brushed on both side so it can be difficult to tell what is the right vs wrong side on solids. Gently stretch a cut edge of the fabric, and it will naturally curl to the right side. Another way to distinguish the right side from the wrong side is by examining the texture carefully. The right side has a slightly ribbed texture, while the wrong side is smoother. Once you identify the right side, then add a temporary label with a piece of tape. 

COMFORT: With its soft texture and lightweight construction, it offers a comfortable and cozy feel when worn. Double brushed poly fabric is not as breathable as other fabrics. I personally find it comfortable even in wam weather especially for loose fitting garments. 

NEEDLE TYPE: Use a ballpoint, jersey, or stretch sewing machine needle to prevent snagging the yarns of the fabric.

THREAD TYPE: Use all-purpose polyester thread

STITCH TYPE: Use a stretch or narrow zigzag stitch, which will stretch slightly and is less likely to pop than a straight stitch when stretched.

SEWING KNITS: Check out my article with 20+ Tips For Sewing With Knit Fabric for tips on sewing Double Brushed Polyester. 

CARE: Double brushed poly is an easy-care fabric. Machine wash in gentle cycle with gentle soap or hand wash with a gentle soap.  Wash finished garments inside out. Lay flat to dry, or tumble dry on low. Fabric is wrinkle-resistant. If needed, use low-heat iron on wrong side of fabric. All washing machines, irons, detergents and water hardness can be different so test a small portion of the fabric before washing all the fabric. DBP will not shrink significantly. 

Double Brushed Polyester Products Available!

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