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Free Fabric Reference Guide

Picking the right fabric is so important for the success of the finished sewing project! This guide will help you make the right choices. 

Why You Need This Guide

Selecting the ideal fabric can be as intricate as the patterns woven within them. With a myriad of options on the market, it becomes essential to understand the nuances that can turn a good project into a great one. That's exactly where our guide swoops in to help you understand the fibers that make up fabrics, different constructions and questions to help you determine if a fabric is right for a sewing project. 

What's Inside the Guide

  • Fiber Content Reference Table - from Natural to Man Made Fibers, common fibers are listed with their characteristics and common uses

  • Common Fabric Construction explained

  • Over 20 questions to help you assess if a fabric is right for a sewing project

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