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Halloween Fun! DIY Cat Bat Wings

We foster kittens and recently welcomed an endearing black kitten, just in time to enhance the Halloween spirit! We couldn't resist the temptation to put our sewing machine to use and craft a delightful costume for our little bundle of joy, Shadow. Even if you don't have a sewing machine, you can recreate this costume with glue and staples. 


Supplies Needed:

  • Black Felt - About 1/4 yard (less for kitten size)

  • Cardstock or light cardboard - 2 sheets of 8.5x11 or a poster board (less for kitten size). I used an old manila folder. 

  • Velcro - Sticky back squares are ideal - 2 squares that are about 7/8 inch squares

  • Black Thread

  • Optional: Glue Stick

You will also need:

  • Sewing machine

  • Scissors or rotary cutter

  • Pins or clips

  • Measuring tape or any non-stretchy fabric or cord

If you do not have a sewing machine, then you could glue the felt together and attach the straps with staples. 


Step 1: Print Template

You can use this template or draw your own wings to your cat's measurements. 

The template includes wings for a full-grown cat and a kitten. 

Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 12.26.20 PM.png

Step 2: Cut Felt & Cardstock

  • Cut the Felt Wings: Cut 2 sets of wings out of black felt on the FOLD. 

  • Cut the Cardstock Wings: Cut one set of wings from the cardstock or light cardboard on the FOLD. 

  • Trim the Cardstock: After cutting the cardstock wings, trim all sides down by 1/4 inch. This is important because the cardstock will be sandwiched between the two felt wings during sewing. By trimming, you can sew the felt wings together without sewing through the cardstock.

  • Cut the Straps: You will need to create two straps - one for the neck and one for the chest/body. Use a measuring tape or any non-stretchy fabric or cord to measure your cat's neck and chest circumference. Add 2 inches to each measurement, then cut two straps that are 3/4 inch wide and the length of your new measurements. If in doubt, cut the straps longer, as you can always trim them down to size later. (The straps in the photo example are sized for a small kitten.)

Step 3: Attach straps to wing

On one set of wings, attach the straps to the top and bottom of the central part as shown in the photo. Use pins or clips to secure them before sewing them into place, following the pattern seen in the photo.

In the provided image, yellow stitches are used for visibility. However, you should opt for using black thread for your project.

Sew the straps to one set of wings, as shown in the photo with the yellow stitches.

If you don't have a sewing machine, consider using staples as an alternative method to attach the straps to the wings.

Step 4: Assemble wings

  • Place the cardstock piece in between both wings, ensuring that the straps are facing outwards.

  • Here's a helpful tip: to keep the cardstock steady, you might want to apply some glue. This is an optional step but could make the next steps easier.

  • Finally, secure the entire structure together by using pins or clips. 

Step 5: Sew wings together

Sew the two wings together along the edge. Because you've trimmed down the cardstock, you'll be able to stitch only through the layers of felt, not the cardstock.

Don’t possess a sewing machine? Not a problem at all! You could simply opt for a generous amount of glue to secure the wings together. 

Underside of bat wings

Top side of bat wings

Step 6: Add Velcro to straps to size

Now, it's time for a quick test-run! Try fitting the bat wings onto your cat to double-check if the straps are the right length. If they fit comfortably, next, attach adhesive Velcro to the strap ends. If you do not have adhesive Velcro on hand, don't worry - it's also possible to sew the Velcro pieces onto the straps. 

Velcro attached 2.JPG
Velcro attached 1.JPG
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